Capra RB9X

Capra RB9X is lightweight, durable, and souped up with superior traction. Born from a collaboration with skyrunning world champion Tove Alexandersson, Capra is Icebug's most technical trail shoe for Summer 2020.

In 2018, our ambassador Tove Alexandersson added winning gold in the Skyrunning World Championship to her impressive list of achievements. Skyrunning is defined by ascents over steep, technical terrain with immense vertical gain. Spanning across the world's mountain ranges, it represents the peak of outdoor running.

After Tove's win, we set out on a mission together to create the perfect shoe for running in challenging terrain.

The design of the Capra features details of its origins. The upper design resembles the five highest peaks in Kinlochleven, where Tove became world champion in skyunning for the first time.

The shoe we built needed to be able to cope with the stress of steep climbs and steep descents. It needed to be packed with traction and the best technology, and that, Icebug knows best.




Outsole - Icebug's heart. Key features of Capra's sole:

* Icebug's proprietary rubber compound RB9X combines the best possible traction with exceptional durability.

* 3.5 mm high rubber lugs grip on logs and rocky terrain.

* Large areas of surface contact on the rubber lugs provide ground control and traction.

* The sole is designed to provide grip in all directions, which is especially effective in fast downhills.

* The design of the tread pattern acts as a tractor tire, which sheds mud out of the sole. This makes Capra a perfect shoe even in the toughest of weather.

Tove on what she wanted:

''The shoes needed to be light yet able to protect the foot, and be comfortable enough to be able to handle more than three hours running.''


Icebug's goal was to develop a shoe with superior traction and the right running feel for fast, technical trail and skyrunning. A shoe to support you on runs from road to trail. A shoe with maximum performance and a minimal footprint. What did it become? Just that. Capra is a shoe worthy of a champion. It is a shoe that can help you take the next step.

Capra has a 7 mm drop, an extremely traction-packed sole, and is composed of non-absorbent materials. The shoe sits nicely around the foot and offers a slightly wider toe box that both provides better ground control and feels good during longer workouts. As always with Icebug, Capra is also climate positive. Every detail is carefully studied and manufactured in the best possible way from an environmental point of view. Each shoe we produce is also climate compensated by 200%.


Make a climate-positive choice

Icebug is fighting to change the footwear industry.

Icebug is the world's first climate-positive manufacturer of outdoor shoes and follows the UN's Climate Neutral Now initiative. We measure the entire company's greenhouse gas emissions, reduce them as much as possible, and compensate annually for those emissions that cannot be eliminate, by investing in UN-certified greenhouse gas reduction projects.


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