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Apparently another eco-label is needed

We know that the shoe industry is a dirty business and that overall, far too little is done to reduce the negative environmental impact. As a customer, you can try to change this by choosing more sustainable alternatives, where better material choices and processes have been chosen. But when you, as a customer, stand in front of the shoe wall, it’s very hard to understand its environmental impact by just looking at the shoe or by trying it on. Since there is also no established marking in the industry yet, we at Icebug have developed our own. By choosing a shoe labeled ''A BETTER CHOICE'', you as a customer can know that you choose one of the most sustainable shoes on the market.

Selected shoes for winter 2019

These shoes are the ones that meet the necessary criteria for being labeled '' A BETTER CHOICE '' during the winter of 2019. Just pick which one you like the most - whatever choice you make you can be sure it's one of the most sustainable products on the market.

A BETTER CHOICE right now and in the future

At present, there is no well established eco-label for shoes. If it existed, we would, without a doubt, used it instead of inventing our own. The criteria for ''A BETTER CHOICE'' will change over time as better alternatives become available. This is as far as we can reach in the winter of 2019. And therefore it’s probably the best choice you can make if you need to buy a pair of new shoes.

Mariell Bjuhr, designer at Icebug:

''More people are becoming aware that their choices really make a difference. By offering a quick way to identify the most sustainable products, this is our way to help consumers make a better choice''

Icebug is the first climate positive outdoor footwear brand in the world, and we are committed to the UN's Climate Neutral Now initiative. We measure the whole company’s greenhouse gas emissions, reduce them as much and possible and annually compensate for the emissions that can be avoided, by using UN-certified emission reductions.

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