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Comfort in every step.

Running has never been more comfortable

We at Icebug are of the simple opinion that running should be conducted outside, regardless of season, weather, or surface. With Arcus on your feet, it's easier than ever.

More midsole to the people

Arcus is developed to make running as comfortable as possible. The shoe has very generous cushioning and a large midsole to ensure your comfort. Arcus features an EVA midsole to help evenly distribute your weight and provide stability as you run. The shape of the Arcus is made to give you a nice ''roll'' as you run, driving your step forward and relieving the pressure on your heels.





100% dry feet

Don’t let water, mud or snow stop you from getting out in nature. Arcus comes with the waterproof membrane GORE-TEX Invisible. As the name suggests, the membrane is invisible. However, invisibility is not it’s only benefit. It is soft and pliable, meaning you feel nothing while running. High-performing waterproof shoes have never been more comfortable!

Grip where you need it

Arcus is an Icebug shoe, so you know that it delivers the best possible grip. The rough-patterned sole has large rubber lugs that provide grip on wet stones. These lugs are wide set, ensuring that clay is flung out of the tread as you run. The tread is designed to give you good grip in all slopes and directions, without letting clay and mud weigh you down.


Good for you, good for the planet

All products consume the planet's resources. But, you need running shoes - so be sure to choose a pair that has a minimal impact on the climate. Arcus, like all Icebug's shoes, is made to last a long time, and is produced from materials with a low climate impact. As a part of our ongoing efforts to reduce our dependencies on oil, Arcus is made of sustainable materials, including bluesign®-certified polyester from recycled PET bottles, recycled fishing nets, and algae harvested from lakes with harmfully dense algae populations.

This is how we reduce our climate footprint.

We at Icebug are serious about our climate work. We follow the UN's Climate Neutral Now initiative, measure the entire company's greenhouse gas emissions, and constantly change materials and processes to get a lower climate footprint. Our shoes must have a climate footprint lower than 6.45 kilos of CO2 per pair by 2030. Along the way, we share our materials and suppliers through our initiative for transparency, Follow the Footprints.


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