Plow like a tractor

All good runs start with a good grip. Take a closer look at Icebug's Acceleritas8 RB9X and you will discover that the sole has the same pattern as a tractor tire. A machine that can plow through everything. Top it off with the feeling of total freedom and fun running. Unbeatable, we say.






Refinements of generation 8

With its light weight and airy, flexible upper of bluesign®-certified polyester mesh, Acceleritas gives the feeling of running barefoot. Or as close to barefoot as you can get in a trail shoe that protects you from slippery, sharp rocks. Acceleritas absorbs minimal water, making the shoe’s wet weight almost as light as its dry weight - a crucial factor when all of nature is your playground.

The Acceleritas8 RB9X now has a slightly wider toe box to provide more comfort. A little perk without compromising performance.


Product developer Erik Öhlund was at home on his farm and suddenly caught sight of the tractor's tires.

It all started in a field outside Ulricehamn, Sweden

It was 2010. Our former product developer and orienteer Erik Öhlund was at home on his farm outside Ulricehamn and caught sight of his tractor. A machine that could plow through mud, both up and down. Suddenly an idea appeared. ''Why not develop a sole that can do exactly the same thing?'' He returned to his workshop and started working. The rest is Acceleritas history. A unique and fun trail shoe that has been loved by many.

''Only the best sole can perform as well as a tractor''

Sustainability highlights:

🧴 Top in bluesign®-certified polyester, made of 100% recycled PET polyester from plastic bottles.

👟 Outsole with 15% recycled rubber.

🍃 20% BLOOM® Foam in the midsole.

🕸 Heel and toe reinforcements made from recycled fishing nets and recycled polyethylene.

Always climate positive

Icebug is the world's first climate - positive manufacturer of outdoor shoes and follows the UN's Climate Neutral Now initiative. We measure the entire company's greenhouse gas emissions, reduce them as far as possible and annually compensate for the emissions that cannot be removed by investing in UN-certified projects that reduce greenhouse gases.


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