You call it fall. We call it Juniper.

21 April 2016

Are you looking for a friend to come with you out in the beautiful woods this fall?
A friend that gladly then follows you directly downtown for a cup of coffee.
Then Juniper is a shoe for you.

Forget about the mess of having to change shoes between activites. With Juniper you have a shoe that works just as good in the wet forrest as in the middle of the city. The Gore-Tex® membrane keeps you feet dry och and the clean design works perfect to a pair of your favourite jeans. The upper in robust Honeycomb textile is easy to clean and with Icebug’s outstanding sticky rubber RB9X you have amazing traction on every wet surface!
This shoe has a light weight and is built on the same sole unit as Icebugs popular model Anima. You have all the appreciated qualities from our section of walking shoes combined with the feeling of a running shoe.
And instead of a traditional Outdoor look the clean fashion-like design makes it blending in perfectly in the everyday life.

Use it as you use your sneakers in summertime = always and everywhere.

Would like to know what others think about Juniper?

This is what Brad Schmitcke from the US wrote about Juniper a couple of days ago:
”I recently purchased a pair of Juniper RB9X for use in PNW urban bike/mass transit commuting. These are the best shoes I’ve ever had for this purpose. They are extremely comfortable, very durable for their weight, look great with office casual attire and are the only waterproof shoe I’ve ever had that breaths well enough to dissipate perspiration adequately. Please, please, please keep this line alive and keep the styling appropriate for the professional setting”