User testimonials

If there’s something Icebug is extra proud of, it’s all the great feedback we get from people who use our shoes. On this page we want to collect all of these testimonials. It will be helpful to you if you’re thinking about buying a pair of Icebugs but want to see what others think of them first. At the same time it will be a big help for us here at Icebug to see what we do best and what we can do even better in the future. Please share your opinions!

"Only with Icebugs under my feet do I leap and run with confidence through the obstacle courses I run. They truly give me happy feet."

- Heather Moss, Pennsylvania, SPIRIT4-L OLX

"My new Icebugs felt natural and comfortable the minute I slipped them on my feet! We trekked up and down slippery slush and mud and the occasional patch of ice on a Park City mountainside and I've never had happier feet! Waterproof, snug, super shoes!"

- Virginia Rainey, Utah, DTS-L Dri BUGrip

"Awesome shoes for terrain running & especially OCR! They are like a hidden jewel that everyone needs to find "

- Eric Acuna, Arizona, ACCELERITAS4 RB9X

"I've been wearing Icebugs for a couple of years at OCRs now, and thanks to Shale Hill, I've been able to get them on a bunch more feet in the New England Spahten community. Wore my Pytho2's through the Shale Hill Halloween night time run, and they behaved impeccably, as always."

- Paul Jones, New England, PYTHO2 BUGrip

"I've experimented with many shoe brands to find the optimal OCR shoe..after Trying inov8,Salmon,Merrell,New Balance, and several others I came across the Icebug Acceleritas4..Far superior then every brand I tried in every aspect. Quality,durability,grip/tread, water drainage, ankle support...nailed it ..I was so impressed I bought a 2nd pair..funny thing is I haven't needed them the 1st pair has held up so well through maximum usage"

- Mike Natale, Pennsylvania, ACCELERITAS4 RB9X

"Just raced in my spirit 4 olx's at the shale hill 8 hour polar bear challenge and let me tell you these shoes are amazing! They were super comfortable for the 5+ hours I ran in them and they are unstoppable over obstacles. Recommend them to anyone"

- Steve Renn, Connecticut, SPIRIT4 OLX

"For me this has been a life changer. Couldn't walk the way I once did, but Icebug has changed that. So happy."

- Susan, Washington, RYUM-L BUGrip

"When it's slippery, this is the best thing around. Use in the city and it's awesome to run when everybody looks at you!"

- Eric, Berlin, DTS BUGrip

"So light, so precise and so flexible you actually forget they're on your feet. The grip is freakish! I love this shoe!"


"Gonna use this shoe a lot! Awesome on wet rocks. The sticky rubber is something really special."