Let the kids go wild!

21 April 2016

With Icebug on your feet you know that you have the right equipment for a active and fun winter. But what about the kids? Of course they should have as much fun as you have, regardless of the conditions. That’s way Icebug now presents Myoko BUGweb GTX.

Myoko BUGweb GTX is comfortable and warm, just the type of boot kids need to enjoy the full winter day. But that is of course not enough. This shoe also got optional BUGweb, which is what the kids might need to enjoy winter in a safer way!

When it gets wet or icy and really slippery, relying on rubber alone is not sufficient to provide
reliable foothold. Just for these conditions, Icebug has developed a traction system called BUGweb®. BUGweb® is a traction technology that consists of a compatible outsole and a traction unit.

The BUGweb® has six carbide studs and it fits into the special sole pattern of the BUGweb® sole. The advantages compared to a conventional grip device are substantial as the BUGweb® becomes an integrated part of the sole. The shoe can be used with or without the BUGweb® attached to it which multiplies its field of usage. The BUGweb is easy to put on and off. You use it when great traction is needed and just take it of when it’s not!

When it comes to shoes for kids it’s also very important that they can stay outside without cold feet. The high cut and lofty fleece insulation of Myoko will keep the feet warm. The 100% waterproof and breathable GORE-TEX® membrane ensures that feet always stay dry and comfortable. Double Velcro adjustment that is easy to operate allows for a wide opening and makes Myoko easy to get on and off. Myoko is the reliable winter option for kids that wants to spend the days outside, regardless of the conditions.
– This is a shoe that want to celebrate the freedom and playfulness that kids have. Kids should be able to play around in it and the adults should feel pleased with the knowledge that they have given the kids the right tool to be able to do so, says Karin Möller, Head of Design at Icebug.