In love with mud

21 April 2016

Acceleritas_L_OCR_RB9X_cam_grape Acceleritas_OCR_RB9X_sunset_eclipse




The OCR community has already taken Icebug to its heart. Now Icebug will take care of that love. With the help of expertise from over a hundred active elite runners within OCR and a team of Product developers that already have created some of the worlds best off trail shoes, Icebug now have a model dedicated to the growing number of OCR runners all over the world.

OCR is one of the fastest growing sports, ever. For example, last year 4,5 million people ran an OCR race in the US. To compare, half a million people ran a marathon. Icebug has already teamed up with some of the worlds largest OCR races and was 2015 the official sponsor to both the World Championship in OCR and also to Toughest, Scandinavia’s biggest OCR race. That’s not strange at all, when you think about the fact that Icebug makes shoes with outstanding traction in mud and on wet rocks.

Now Icebug takes the next step and in the summer 16 collection Icebug has a new model, especially developed for the rough conditions one could face in the wide spectra of Alternative Trail. Icebug Acceleritas OCR RB9X.
– We have really made the shoes as tough as possible, for them to be able to endure the wear and tear of an OCR race, without compromising the running feeling, Jerome Manceau, Product Manager at Icebug, says.

Icebug has also a close cooperation with some of the best OCR runners in the world. Among them we see Swedish names like Siri Englund, world champion in OCR 2014 and Ludvig Werkmäster, Junior world champion. But also names like Conor Hancock, one of UK:s best OCR runners and Canadian Ryan Atkins. With this team and the new shoes, Icebug now has a complete package to go hand in hand with the growing OCR community.

The OCR model that Icebug now can offer is a natural developments of a shoe that
already has gained recognition, both in OCR and other places. This model will be unique in its fields. As always when it comes to Icebug, they are packed with clever technical solutions and dressed in a beatiful shell.

When it comes to Acceleritas OCR RB9X, Icebug has pushed the limits at every part of the shoe.
– If we start with the sole, here in the middle we have replaced the EVA with ESS so that the shoes can handle rope climbing better and for the shoes to last even longer, Jerome Manceau, Product Manager at Icebug, says.

The difference is also shown on the upper. Acceleritas OCR is a super light shoe but it also has to be able to handle rough conditions.
– Therefore we have used the same material that we have on our most tough orienteering shoe, Spirit6 olx. And that is something we truly know works even in the toughest terrain, Jerome says.

There are also some updates on the inside of the shoe. The insole is removable, which makes it easier to get rid of both pebbles and moisture.
– And the last thing we can mention here is this, Jerome says, and shows the tongue on Acceleritas OCR.

Instead of the flat form the we used to have, this OCR version has a small height difference, like the map used in orienteering.
– We have made it like that as a small tribute to where we come from. From rough orienteering in the deep forest.

Of course the Acceleritas OCR has the best traction on the market, with Icebugs RB9X under the sole. The shape of the sole is made like a tractor tire, which gives the best grip for both slippery obstacles and muddy spots. That’s an important prerequisite for you to be able to focus on what’s ahead of you.
– With Icebug on my feet I never have to worry about what the surface looks like, instead I can focus on what’s ahead of me, the World Champion of OCR, Siri Englund, says.