Safe grip, free mind

  • Icebug Insoles – FAT


    Maximum cushioning in combination
    with unique dynamic support.

  • Icebug Insoles – SLIM


    An extra thin sole, that follows the foot’s
    natural movement and shock absorption.

  • Give your feet a comfortable day

Swedish footbeds for the world’s feet

Whether you’re an elite athlete, an active outdoor person or solely stand and walk a lot at work, a footbed from Icebug Insoles in the shoe will make you a little bit better. The footbed provides support, right where it is needed, all throughout your step. It reduces the risk of injury, increases you fortitude and keep your feet comfortable all day. The principle of Icebug Insoles builds on the orthopedic solutions of Ortolabs individually adapted footbeds.

Icebug Insoles FAT

The footbeds in the FAT range is for those seeking maximum cushioning in combination with the unique dynamic support Icebug Insoles provides. Icebug Insoles FAT fits most shoes with removable insole.

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Icebug Insoles SLIM

Icebug Insoles SLIM is an extra thin version of our footbed. It fits in shoes suited for running and soccer as well as your casual sneakers. The footbed provides the same support as Icebug Insoles FAT but with somewhat less cushioning.

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