Since Icebug makes shoes for different areas of use we also need to have a couple of different membranes. For as good as it is to have completely waterproof shoes, if you choose a pair of walking shoes, it can be just as good to have a running shoe that lets water go through and remains light. Here you can read more about the three different symbols we have in our shoes.

Non absorbing

Non absorbing materials gain very little weight when they get wet. Important for footwear used in wet condition activities where weight is a critical factor. Note that being… Read more


Products with this symbols are 100% waterproof. The membrane could either be from an external partner brand, like Outdry (see separate description), or our own BUGdri. The BUGdri technology… Read more

Water resistant

Water resistant materials are either treated or dense enough to repel water. They are not 100% waterproof, but they do give you protection from foul weather, splashing and… Read more