Comfort Zone

Comfort Zone

To make really good winter shoes is, to a large extent, all about making them warm enough, when you need them to be. Out on the ice on a cold day, you want the warmest possible shoe. For a fast walk with the the dog you want a shoe that is warm without being too sweaty. To help you find the right shoe for you, we’ve included a Comfort Zone guideline with temperatures on all of Icebug’s walking shoes. It’s for you to be able to see what temperature the shoe can handle and for you to avoid getting cold feet.

-4°F comfort zone

The comfort zone gives an indication of the lower end outside temperature where the insulating properties maintain a comfortable temperature inside the footwear. Read more

-8°F comfort zone

Products with this Comfort Zone have a thick lining and a wind blocking upper. Read more

-40°F comfort zone

Products with Comfort Zone -40°F are both insulated and have a thermostatic sole. Our shoes in the Subzero category match this criteria. Read more