Alpinist reviews DTS BUGrip

16 March 2015

Grip-Positive Winter Runners: Icebug DTS BUGrip

by Brad Rassler

As for the traction: it comes by way of the 19 micro carbide studs cemented to the lugs on heel and forefoot; they’re small and sharp, and their tenacious buggy grip on the aforementioned surfaces conferred peace of mind. The outsole has, as you would guess, large, sticky, and aggressive lugs on which the studs are attached. Basically, I was able to forget about the terrain underfoot and run with a normal gait, as I would on dry trails or roads, happily unencumbered by an accessory dragging on my feet. No footwear that I’ve ever used has performed as well and felt so light on the typical skiffs of ice and packed snow found on roads and trails.

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