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    Do you like to use Icebug in the winter? Then try our summer shoes! The same nice feeling and our own traction rubber, RB9X, for amazing traction everywhere.
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    Tired of the asphalt? Experience running at it's best - out in nature. With Icebugs phenomenal traction rubber, RB9X, only you decide where the next path will take you.
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    Make the best of summer! Combine running with swimming. Swimrun is growing rapidly in Sweden and Icebug has just the right shoes to cope with both the slippery rocks and winding paths!
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    In Icebugs world design and function goes hand in hand. Our Trail walking collection offers style and function and is suitable for both a walk in the city or for the day-trip.
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Icebug – shoes with outstanding traction for running and walking in slippery conditions

Icebug is a Swedish shoe company that in the year of 2001 started to challenge the global footwear giants. We were frustrated by having to choose between slipping and say no to outdoor activities because of the risk of slipping. The company started as a result of us wanting to be able to stay active year-round.

So we created shoes for running and activities on slippery winter surfaces.
With a unique rubber compound that provides outstanding traction and smart studs,
which adapts to the surface, we make shoes that allow you to move around as normal even when it’s slippery out there.


RB9X – our latest grip technology

Icebugs BUGrip-technology has made it possible for people to run on ice. Now we take the next step. With our new rubber RB9X we set a new standard for what unstudded traction is. Independent tests shows that we have outrun the compared competitors on both dry and wet surfaces. That’s what it means to be the real traction expert.

Write a review!

We at Icebug get so much appreciation for the products we make. Via email, phone calls and meetings, we get constant proof that Icebug makes a difference to people’s ability to live an active life. We are always interested to know what we do well and what we can do even better. Therefore, we want your feedback!

Icebug Xperience 2014

Do you want to experience one of Swedens most beautiful regions? Do you want to do it walking or running during 3 days with good food and nice evening entertainment as an extra bonus? Then sign up for Icebug Xperience!

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