Transport to/from Icebug Xperience

Airport :  Göteborg Landvetter Airport

You need to arrive at Gothenburg Airport at the latest 05:00 Friday morning (1 of September), we recommend that you to arrive at Thursday 31 of August, and book one extra night at your choice of accommodation.

Airport Coaches: Landvetter; Airport–Gothenburg

Take the Airport Coach to Gothenburg Central station.

Train/Bus to Munkedal Station, Use the travel planner, Type From “Centralstationen”  to “Munkedal station ”

Shuffle bus to From Munkedal Station to Ramsvik & Kungshamn;

Thursday 31 of August  there will be 2 shuffle buses to choose, one approx. 16:00 and one bus approx. 20:00 (we will plan the shuffle buses so they match the train/bus from Gothenburg)

Friday 1 of September there will be 2 shuffle buses, one approx. 08:00 and one approx. 10:00 (we will plan the shuffle buses so they match the train/bus from Gothenburg)

The shuffle buses are included in the race ticket, and you need to mark that you need transportation from Munkedal when you register to Icebug Xperience.

Transport from Icebug Xperience

Shuffle bus from Ramsvik & Kungshamn to Munkedal;

Sunday 3 of September the first shuffle bus will leave Ramsvik (finish area) at approx. 15:30, after that we will have 1 shuffle bus every 45 min. The bus ride to Munkedal takes about 40 minutes.

If you take the first bus (there will be a list at Ramsvik where you put your name if you need to take the first bus back to Munkedal)

The earliest flight you can book back home is 20:00

You can always book a cab direct to the airport, takes about 2h and the fixed fee is:

330 euro ( 4 person cab)

500 euro (8 person cab)

Train/Bus to Gothenburg Central Station , Use the travel planner, type From “Munkedal” to “Centralstationen”

Airport Coaches: Landvetter; Airport–Gothenburg

Airport :  Göteborg Landvetter Airport