21k, 430m vertical gain

The last stage starts in the pittoresque port of Hunnebostrand and the participants will then pass through the village and a unique stone sculpture park. The trail then goes on in the hilly terrain around Hunnebostrand. The trail passes through a varied landscape where the hill peaks provide a magnificent view of the archipelago and the sea. You will pass lovely deciduous forests where the richness of culture and ancient monuments is great.

After approximately 15K, you will pass a bridge back to Ramsvik. Notice that this bridge may be opened for boat traffic. In case the bridge is open, your additional time will be substracted from your total time. Staff on the location will help you out.

You continue down to the shore and passes along Sotekanalen into Ramsvikslandet, a nature reserve also called “The rocks kingdom”. Here are vast areas of granite rock but also heathlands and meadows. The goal for the day is our hub at Ramsviks Holiday Village on the north side of Ramsvikslandet. Here awaits a well-deserved lunch and sauna by the sea. This stage measures about 20 km and is quite hilly (430 vertical meters).

Practical information:
The course is marked with pink markers/stripes. There are distance signs every second kilometer. Water and energy drink stations will be located approximately every 5-6 km. At each drink station you will also find a toilet.

When you arrive to the bridge in the middle of the stage, you need to check in your timing device. Staff on the location will help you out.