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Icebug shoes suitable for running and walking



Acceleritas5 is minimalism the Icebug way, a must-have for the thrill-seeking runner venturing into swimrun, obstacle race or beyond the beaten track! The upper materials has been updated to a super soft and airy textile, so light and smooth it feels like being barefoot. The water pickup is minimal, the drainage is excellent and hence the wet weight is almost as low as when it’s dry. The midsole is very flexible and keeps the weight down. The height of the heel cup is slightly reduced in order to reduce pressure at the Achilles tendon. Terrain feel is remarkable thanks to the low profile of the sole.

The shoe promotes the natural movement of the foot, it’s like running in a pair of socks, but socks that provide thermal and impact protection, and traction. The outsole is designed with a pattern that is optimized to grip on hard as well as on soft surface, with an aggressive pattern where dirt is steered away to the sides in diagonal channels (it’s the same principal as in tractor tires). Acceleritas4 outsole is crowned with the jewel among sticky rubbers: RB9X®. This innovative rubber compound provides incredible traction on both wet and dry surfaces, without compromising the durability!

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Zeal: The holy grail of trail running is to provide both stability and flexibility, but to make a midsole stable yet soft has so far proven too difficult for PD teams world-wide. Until now! The development of Zeal has taken more than three years and after numerous tests and prototypes it’s ready for launch.

Upper material has been updated from previous season to a very durable, yet soft, Kevlar. Together with the lacing system it embraces the foot firmly. But it is the midsole construction, and the HGMS2 technology*, that is the true innovation. Zeal provides a stable but soft heel grip, which is an impossible combo made possible through the moulded midsole cradle on the interior side of the shoe. The midsole not only adds superb fit, it also turns into the reinforcement protecting the foot in serious terrain. The height of the heel cup is slightly reduced at centre back in order to reduce the pressure at the Achilles tendon. The medium last is half lined with Quick dry mesh. The torsion and cushioning is in fine balance and together with the low sole profile the ground control is just outstanding. The outsole cleats are positioned so mud doesn’t get stuck, and as if the deep lug pattern wouldn’t provide traction enough the RB9X outsole the benchmark among sticky rubbers!

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The iconic Anima has been given a new fresh and modern look, with its new colored airy upper mesh.
Toe guard and heel cup reinforcement is smaller than on previous versions for a smoother fit, and ankle collar and tongue padding is slightly thinner for snug fit and a more direct running feeling. The padding foam has closed cells which makes it absorb barely any water at all, so the shoes will stay light even on rainy days. The injection moulded midsole provides the right level of smooth cushioning for a driven runner while the narrow heel and low profile ensures control. Anima is made to follow compound, so there’s no need to slow down only because it’s rainy and wet!

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Imagine a warm summer day, what could be more appreciated by your feet than a tightly fitting airy mesh upper on a very capable running shoe platform? That’s exactly what the new style Mist offers. The very open mesh upper creates a perfect foot climate on hot summer days, and the moulded TPU lacing extensions ensures a great fit. Needless to point out maybe, but the wet weight of Mist is pretty much the same as when being dry. The midsole is stable and has a low (5mm) drop which is an all-round great combo for a shoe with a wide range of target activities. The RB9X® outsole provides superb traction even on wet surfaces, yet it matches the durability of an asphalt running shoe!

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A footbed from ArchFlex in the shoe provides support, right where it is needed, all throughout your step. It reduces the risk of injury, increases you fortitude and keep your feet comfortable all day.


Icebug Insoles SLIM

Icebug Insoles SLIM is an extra thin version of our footbed. It fits in shoes suited for running and soccer as well as your casual sneakers. The footbed provides the same support as Icebug Insoles FAT but with somewhat less cushioning. Icebug Insoles SLIM is 2 mm high. The footbed is available in three different variants, Low, Medium and High, to fit various arch heights.

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Icebug Insoles FAT

The footbeds in the FAT range is for those seeking maximum cushioning in combination with the unique dynamic support Icebug Insoles provides. Icebug Insoles FAT fits most shoes with removable insole. Icebug Insoles FAT is 5 mm high. The footbed is available in three different variants, Low, Medium and High, to fit various arch heights.

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