Run or Walk or Both?

How you cover the 75 kilometers during the three days at Icebug Xperience is up to you.

The race is divided into three different categories. You can enter the walking group if you want some extra time to enjoy the sceneries, the running group if you want to experience some world-class trail running, or the run/walk group if you want to walk some parts and run some parts.

You can change your chosen group during Icebug Xperience; you can join the walking group one day and join the run/walk group next day.

If you have to step out of the race at one of the stages, you can still do the next stage, but without having your name in the “final results”

If you are aiming to place yourself at “top 50 runners” (man/women) you need to start all of  the stages at the Running Group!