New model for running!

21 February 2014

Want a new experience? Try the new combination of a very light road runner and the RB9X fully covering rubber outsole and you get the best of both fun and real traction.
That is Enlight RB9X from Icebugs summer 14 collection, available from march.

When the Icebug development team started to think about making a new light and speedy trail running shoe they wanted something that could bring out the true feeling  of freedom and flexibility. Enlight is a new name in the Icebug collection, but to a great extent it builds on the popular model Anima. The reason behind the design is that we just realized that we could sharpen this cutting edge trail shoe even more!

The Icebug team made Enlight perfect for all kinds of terrain as well as on a multitude of surfaces.
Take it for a a high speed lunch break session at the local trail or for outdoor fitness activity – the versatility of Enlight makes it suitable for them both, and everything in between.
– We took the fast and best part of Anima and made Enlight feel like an asphalt shoe though it’s built on a trail running sole. It invites you to try the true joy of trail running, says Karin Lundqvist, head of design at Icebug.

The lacing is straight and helps fixating the heel in the foamed heel cup, the fore foot can still move freely though since the last is less narrow in the front (the fit is less challenging than the Anima). Toe bumper and heel counter together with a full rubber sole offer trail protection. The midsole has a low drop and profile which gives control on uneven surfaces and the chock absorbing lightweight EVA cushions the run on harder surfaces. Then add the RB9X that provides excellent traction on both wet rocks and dry trails and you got it all. The phenomenal grip you get from RB9X doesn’t compromise the durability as the DIN-standard matches the recommendations of an asphalt running shoe. So take them for a run and they will make you smile all the way!