A real tough one

28 February 2014


Acceleritas4 is minimalism the Icebug way, a must-have for the adventure seeking off trail runner!

The Acceleritas4 has seen two major updates compared to last summer’s version: The height of the heel cup has also been slightly reduced in order to reduce pressure at the Achilles tendon.
The upper materials are very durable with a minimal water pickup. The Acceleritas4 has a midsole construction which enables keeping the weight down (sub 200 grams!) and is very flexible. Terrain feel is remarkable thanks to the low profile of the sole. The shoe promotes the natural movement of the foot, it’s like running in a pair of socks, but socks that provide thermal and impact protection, and traction. The outsole is designed with a pattern that is optimized to grip on hard as well as on soft surface, with an aggressive pattern where dirt is steered away to the sides in diagonal channels (it’s the same principal as in tractor tires). Acceleritas4 outsole is crowned with the jewel among “sticky rubbers”: RB9X. This innovative rubber compound provides incredible traction on both wet and dry surfaces, without compromising the durability!

Acceleritas has seen a lot of success in races like BAMM and ÅEC during the last couple of years. It’s also a popular shoe for swim run (big in International) because it both offers awesome traction, not at least on wet rocks, but it also got a sole with good visibility in open water. That way you won’t loose sight of your partner!

If we should sum up Acceleritas4 RB9X we can do it by saying that it’s a shoe that offers the joyf of running with amazing traction, packed in one really light model.

samarbeten-stor   ACCELERITAS4-L_sole