A sneaker built for winter!

1 September 2014

Icebug introduces a new type of sneaker for winter in the fall/winter 14 collection

Icebug has a solid base of people that loves to run with the safe feeling of a benchmark traction technology under their feet. Juniper is Icebugs way to give the running community the same feeling when walking. Because when a runner walks, why should he feel less confident then when running?

For Icebug the challenge has been How to approach the running community with an attractive option for calmer activities. It is something that has been on the agenda for a long time but it’s not until now, with the introduction of Juniper, that a proper product makes it to the collection!

Juniper has all the gathered qualities of our Active collection combined with the feeling of a running shoe. But instead of a traditional Outdoor look the clean fashion-like design makes it blending in perfectly in the everyday life.

The feeling of looking good and the feeling of being safe, why should one have to compromise when there can be both?

Juniper is built on the same sole unit as the well-known Icebug style Anima, in other words; it’s a winter sneaker on a running shoe platform. Upper material in Honeycomb textile and a sprayed mudguard makes Juniper not just goodlooking but also durable. The BUGdri membrane means waterproofness, so puddles and slush won’t bother you. The injection molded midsole gives the right level of cushion to make the walk comfortable. When it comes to traction Juniper is equipped with the two best technologies available. The BUGrip version with the 19 dynamic carbide tip studs – or the RB9X traction rubber that has beaten the competitors with big numbers when it comes to traction on both wet and dry surfaces, like wet rocks.

Juniper is named after the Juniperus of the cypress family Cupressaceae. The dark colors of this shoe represent the dark berries of the tree. With its clean look and amazing traction, it’s the perfect shoe to walk to work with.

Use it as you use your sneakers in summertime = always and everywhere!