Welcome to Icebug Xperience 2015

2 March 2015

Welcome to Icebug Xperience, a one-of-a kind trail running and walking race throughout the stunning coastal landscape of Bohuslän, Sweden.

Run or walk a 74-kilometre distance during a course of three days. Experience beautiful trails alongside the ocean, over granite slabs, in deep forests and through picturesque villages. Then eat and sleep like the locals and enjoy good company from all over the world.

Bohuslän is globally regarded for its environment and CNN has ranked it as one of the world’s most beautiful wilderness areas. At Icebug we are lucky enough to call this landscape our “backyard”. This is where we come to play, relax and be challenged. IcebugXperience is our idea of great fun and we want to invite you to come share this breathtaking event with us!

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