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Footwear for the New Outdoors™

At Icebug, we believe whatever you do, it’s better when done outside. That’s what drives us to continuously innovate and improve upon what’s acknowledged as the world’s best traction footwear. So whether you’re orienteering, obstacle course racing, trail running, hiking, or walking through a new city – the new outdoors is yours to discover. 

Our passion is to build shoes that let body, nature and spirit become one. Our Scandinavian heritage is to build footwear that lets you stay healthy no matter the weather and terrain, to forget the pavement and see where the trail leads. From our super grippy RB9X® rubber to our patented carbide-studded soles to our vibrant styles that are loaded with performance and comfort details, Icebug is indeed Footwear for the New Outdoors.

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We at Icebug get so much appreciation for the products we make. Via email, phone calls and meetings, we get constant proof that Icebug makes a difference to people’s ability to live an active life. We are always interested to know what we do well and what we can do even better. Therefore, we want your feedback!

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